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Article about water treatment in Great Britain
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Installations shown on google maps
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Laqua Wash
Water treatment at Statoils Länna station
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Drumkee willow biofiltration started
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Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland
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Article about water treatment

Read about how our sister company leads the development on smallscale water treatment in Great Britain
The article.


Water treatment at Statoils Länna station

Read more in B&B where Kjell Frykenstam, responsible for Statoils car washes, describes their new strategy with the Laqua water treatment system.
More info in B&B.(Swedish)


Drumkee willow biofiltration started

Drumkee, the First 20 Year, Willow Biofiltration Contract with an Irish or UK Water Utility Company, switched on by N.Ireland�s Department of Regional Development�s Minister, Danny Kennedy, 07/08/13.
More info in the pressrelease Minister switches on willow wastewater treatment system.


Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland

Minister Danny Kennedy and chairman Sean Hogan from Northern Ireland Water inaugurates a salix based water treatment plant in Drumkee on Northern Ireland.
More info in the pressrelease (Swedish) Inauguration on Northern Ireland.


Statoil inaugurated another new full-service station in Vintrie / Malmö

Laqua are proud suppliers of water treatment and recirculation system of the washing water. All water from the wash will be cleaned in the eco-friendly technology from Laqua. This is in contrast to Länna a combined pollering and buffer pond so that it is technically possible to release the treated water directly to surface water. It is as close to nature as you can get today. Most of the wash water will be purified and reused and only the final rinse will use fresh clean water. This saves 90% of water consumption.
More info in the fact sheet Rening Statoil Vintrie..


Laqua Treatment has delivered a purification filter for one of Samhall's washes in Akalla

Laqua Treatment has delivered a purification filter for one of Samhall laundries in Akalla through our partner Segerholms Bygg & Måleri AB in Nacka. The filter should be clean outgoing wash water from oil-soaked moped's. This is a new field and a perfect example of upstream local water treatment in the sewage system. The filter will relieve the treatment plant and reduce the risk that its processes are disturbed and further increase the quality of plant sludge.


Statoil inaugurates new full service station in Länna

Statoil inaugurated a new full-service station in Länna 19/6 with the latest technology from Laqua Treatment.
Laqua are proud suppliers of water treatment and recirculation system of the washing water. All water from the car wash will be cleaned in the eco-friendly technology from Laqua. It is as close to nature as you can get today. Most of the wash water will be purified and reused and only the final rinse with clean water takes place. This saves 90% of water consumption.
More info in the fact sheet LAQUA TVÄTT.


Statoil in Åhus extends with Laqua Wash

Statoil in Åhus invests in LT 6,4.
LT 6,4 has now also been updated with a new cleaning technique where our Laqua Wash has been complemeted with wetlands. The wash water can therefore be released to surface waters instead of a municipal sewage treatment plant.

The biosoil from the treatment will be cleaner and can more easily be returned to areable soil. The extra investment is compensated by only the water part of the VA tax is debited, a saving of 10Sek/m3. The cleansed water can also be reused during the saltfree season.


Laqua Wash is coming to Stockholm

OKQ8 in Huddinge is changing their carwash and at the same time BRr. Hultin is investing in a LT6,4 to clean the wastewater. The "do it yourself" wash is also being connected to the filter. The installation will be completed in April.


New thesis

Another doctorate in the Laqua group, Britt Marie Svensson has presented her thesis on the 31 of October: �Methodology for evaluation of hazards from solid waste and landfill generated Leachate�
It's available at Lunds University:
Laqua - Evaluation of leachate


Laqua filter has been scientifically evaluated

2008-09-27 Pille Kängsepp defended her thesis �Development and Evaluation of a Filter-Bed-Based System for Full-Scale Treatment of Industrial Landfill Leachate�.
It describes the road from batch testing to evaluation of long term field studies of leachate water treatment. Look here for more details

The results show that Laqua Filter and Laqua Wash reduces heavy metals (ex: Cu 72%, Pb 55%) and organic pollutants (ex: Phenoler 89%, p-o cresol 92%).
Contact us for more details if you are interested.


Laqua Wash

Nordströms deals in used trucks and has a modern car-wash but doesn't have access to communal sewage pipes. Todays oil separator and infiltration is exchanged to Laqua Wash 2,74 with subsequent distribution on a constructed wetland and surface infiltration. This could be the solution for local sewer systems that are outside the communal sewage pipes but also a better solution because this improves the output quality from the sewage treatment plant.


John Woods Ltd

Laqua Treatment AB, an innovation company in circulation based cleansingtechniques, makes bioenergy from the waste water at John Woods Ltd (Linwoods), a baker/dairy outside of Armagh in Northern Ireland. The Bioenergy in the form of Willow will thereafter replace todays fossil fuels and heat the dairy plant.
Linwoods waster water is now moved to the Armagh treatment plant with a tanker tryck at great expense. An extension of Linwoods production is also hindered by lack of capacity in the Armagh treatment plant.
Laqua Treatment has developed LWIS, an irrigation system for waste water. With LWIS the nutrients and the water from the sewage is utilized in a hygienic and safe way to increase the Willow production. Laqua Treatment stands for the design and delivery of all equipment while a local partner, Rural Generation Ltd stands for environmental permit and assembly. The operation will be monitored from Sweden over the internet with Laqua's newly developed webportal.
Linwoods will after the investment halve their waste water treatment costs and the whole investment will be payed in 3-5 years.


Product development

Laqua Treatment AB has been given a grant from Nutek to develop a "Webportal for remote collection of operation data, processing and distribution". A demo will shortly be available on the homepage.


Article in "Bensin & Butik"

In the latest issue av "Bensin & Butik" (02-07) you could among other things read about what Mattias Svensson, Shell Rondellen Kristianstad, thinks of Laqua Wash after almost 2 seasons (biologial treatment with peat ash).


AFBI Hillsborough

Laqua Treatment AB has together with Rural Generation Ltd, Londonderry been given the task of building a facility to test irrigation of sewage/surface water from livestock buildings on willow.

The facility is situated in Large Park, Hillsborough Nord Irland and is about 5hectare. Laqua Treatment AB has designed and will deliver the equipment while Rural Generation Ltd will be doing the actual installation. The facility will be the subject of scientific followup. This order consolidates Laquas role in energy forest irrigation.


New document

End report about fertilization of 1 year crops with waste water. The report can be downloaded here.


Laqua Wash

Shell, Fjälkinge has decided to use Laqua Wash 4,6 when Mattias Svensson is extending his car wash treatment.
New demands are now put on the washwater that is released to the treatment plants. So heavy metals and organic toxins won't interfere with the plants operation and contaminate the waste water.
Laqua wash is built on filter where the pollutants gets stuck in a mix of peat and recycled ash. When the filter is full, usually after 2 years, the mixture is burned and the heavy metals ends up in the ash.

If the mild weather continues the facility will be ready in time for christmas.

Shell, Fjälkinge has determined to use Laqua Wash 4.6 now when Mattias Svensson is extending his car wash facility.


Biopros Meeting , Åhus

Project Biopros have a technical meetin in Åhus 7-8/12. The project is aimed at increasing the use of societys waste flows to replace conventional fertilization and at the same time our watercourses gets increased treatment. The meeting will discuss irrigation techniques, technical and hygienic questions connected to dispersion.
Study visits will be conducted on willow irrigation in Bromölla och Kristianstad (kretsloppsparken)


Water Renew Program, England

In the research project Water Renew, an ambitious project to test and treat waste water with the soil plant system willow on about ten places around England and Northern Ireland. In 7 of 10 places LWIS will be tested. Design and certain parts comes from Sweden while the assemblage will be done by local contractors.


Greyabby, Ireland

Laqua Treatment AB has been contracted by The Queens University of Belfast to design and deliver a 6 hectare irrigation facility to disperse waste water on willow. In the willow there are 12 smaller research areas each with it's own irrigation system. Together with Rural Generation Ltr, Derry who will deliver willow and assemble the facility will be the base to build up Englands knowledge around recycling wastewater as fertilizer.