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Laqua Wash
Water treatment at Statoils Länna station
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Drumkee willow biofiltration started
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Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland
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LWIS Laqua Waste-water Irrigation System

LWIS is a concept for willow irrigation with waste water.

Purification with soil plant system is characterized by:

  • Distribution of pre-treated sewage water for increased biomass production.
  • Replaces conventional fertilizer with sewage water
  • The vegetation can be e.g. Willow, aspen, grass, hemp or energy cereals.
  • Phosphate normally controls the acreage need.
  • Treatment efficiency of 80-95% reduction of N-P-K.
  • Economical and resource conserving.
  • Low pretreatment requirements.
  • Sanitation requirements govern the choice of distribtion system and vegetation.

Willow sewage irrigation is well developed and tested with several hundred hectares of willow since 1996 both in Sweden and Europe.

Laqua Treatment has developed a special irrigation system, LWIS for irrigation using waste water. For facilities with higher needs of hygiene there isLWIS-U, a buried variant. For water with lower risk of contamination an irrigation machine with drop hoses could be used.

For more information, see LWIS.