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Article about water treatment in Great Britain
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Laqua Wash
Water treatment at Statoils Länna station
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Drumkee willow biofiltration started
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Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland
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LWIS-U is a further development of the proven willow irrigation system LWIS.

LWIS is constructed to spread pretreated waste water in an area where people are usually not residing. To spread in work areas, plant school etc, a barrier is needed to prevent contamination.

From the well a drain pipe is led out into the filter filled trench.

What separates LWIS from LWIS-U is that the dispersion system is buried below the surface. The same basic principle (controlled flow) is used for calculating the area needed to spread, but adjusted according to the plant type and nutritional requirement.

In principle this can be compared to a normal infiltration facility but with the important distinction that the nutrients in the waste water are available to the roots of the vegetation.

The pipe is buried at a depth of about 15cm. On the irrigation pipe the holes are placed in a small well with a diameter of 20 cm.

The dispersion comes to place from the system being filled and then let to infiltrate the vegetations roots.

A computer controls and supervises the system.

The dispersion is done completely under ground and increases the hygiene in the irrigation system and thereby decreases the risk of contamination of unsanitary diseases. __AVDÖDNINGEN_ is high because the contact surface to the ground is maximized.