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Article about water treatment in Great Britain
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Map of installations
Installations shown on google maps
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Laqua Wash
Water treatment at Statoils Länna station
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Drumkee willow biofiltration started
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Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland
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Laqua offers:

STEP 1: Feasibility study

Mobile pilotfacility for evaluation
Determine the qualification and treatment demands. Through operation in pilotscale show possible treatment effect and give foundation for an extended facility (analysation by Laqua protocol). Contribute in dialog with the customer and the affected authorities to determine the emission need and choice of recipient.

STEP 2: Layout design

With the groundwork as a foundation, design and dimension the facility and make plans for a Laquafilter.

STEP 3: Delivery

Deliver turnkey facilities or components, for example Laqua-filter substrate, geo-liner, geo-liner pipe passage, valve placement, irrigation equipment, irrigation software, pumpstations, control equipment etc.

STEP 4: Management

Servicedeal with care and maintenance. Delivery and reclaimation of Laqua-filter substrate.