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Article about water treatment in Great Britain
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Map of installations
Installations shown on google maps
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Laqua Wash
Water treatment at Statoils Länna station
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Drumkee willow biofiltration started
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Minister inaugurates treatment plant on Northern Ireland
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Ground plant system Example of installation on a Hotel, Ireland The_Earl_of_Desmond_Hotel.pdf
  Example of LWIS-U, Tönnersjö Tonnersjo.pdf
  Toiletwater fertilized hemp hampa.pdf
  Endreport of fertilization of 1 year crops with waste water.  Rapport_vaxtnaring....pdf

Leachate treatment Laqua rapport LAQUA_rapport.pdf
  Laqua Filter Tonnersjo.pdf
  Images of filter bildkollage.pdf
  Filter study with water from fire fighting Filtertest_av_slackvatten.pdf
  Filter study with wood tar Filtertest_Tratjara_vatten.pdf
  Return water mobil_soptippsbevattnings.pdf

Car wash Initial attempt Info_forsok.pdf
  Results after 12 months Provdrift_shell_12manader.pdf
  Results after 2 seasons Resultat_biltvatt_mars_06.pdf
  Tank buildup


  Laqua wash broschure Laquatvatt.pdf
  Example installation Visio-bygglov_princip.pdf

Research Laqua report LAQUA_rapport.pdf
  Laqua group LAQUAgrupp.pdf